Friday, January 3, 2020


I'm going to release one song a month along with a video.
The two couples had been having dinner when Charles made this announcement.
I just want you to hold me to it...I'm telling everybody.
Jerry smiled. He was used to this. Charles had made good money editing films but had never produced anything on his own. While Jerry had published fifteen books. They had been friends since high school and egged each other on in the early days.
Wow that's great Jerry nodded.
Yep I'm going to do it. Its going to be our decade. Charles shrugged.  I don't have to really work anymore. I mean we aren't rich  but we are comfortable and Sylvia and I can now pursue our dreams. Jerry felt the smile on his face harden. He had kids in college and three books under contract with deadlines looming. His wife Julie worked full time as a consultant. Charles never failed to talk about his money.
No you have to follow your dreams he managed.
That's what I,m doing. I mean I realize I could set myself know to be hounded or something.
Jerry sat back and picked up his wine
Sure...I mean they will catch on but I'm ready for the celebrity thing.
Jerry worked social media and was relentlessly in Barnes and Noble and gave one hundred speeches a year to promote his books. Charles never promoted his editing business and let Jerry know he was proud it was all referral.
Well..I don't think you will be mobbed he murmured.
Sylvia who was from Peru and had recently told Jerry she was very happy with her life nodded.
I told Charles. He must be ready for American fame. The paparazzi will chase him.
Jerry stared at his glass. He had been a mid list writer for thirty years and scratched and clawed every step of the way. Charles father had recently died, He was a radio disc jockey who hit it in the fifties and then fell on hard times. Charles had to keep him from beating his mother up when they were in high school.
 One song and one video per month Charles said raising his glass.
Yes Charles will be mobbed by the public he must be ready Sylvia repeated in her third world accent.
Whatever happened to that documentary on your ever finish it?  Julie asked.
Oh... Charles shrugged. Someday.
How long have you been working on that?
Charles shrugged, murmuring.
Twenty five years.
Jerry drank his wine and remembered again, they had both just turned sixty.