Saturday, July 8, 2017

Captain Bluelight

Jim always started his day with his motorized chair. It let everyone know he was coming. He was ninety four and had quit using the stairs five years before. Then he went left and picked up his ears. He put on the headphones and sat in his chair. It was his chair. No one else sat in it. He then fired up his forty eight inch plasma and began watching. It didn't really matter to Jim what was on as long as someone was talking to him. He had favorites but they were too hard to find a lot of the times. As long as he had his ears then he was good.

He would get up for meals unless his son brought them to him. He had moved in ten years before and Jim got the feeling he was waiting for him to kick the bucket. His will would pay off like a jackpot and his son had been unemployed for ten years. But he sat in the chair until ten at night sometimes until midnight. His son figured he averaged twelve hours a day in front of the blue light. Maybe more. Once Jim heard his son mumble something about captain bluelight. Jim wondered if it was a new show.

They found him there dead.  The plasma played on. At the funeral his son talked to the few people who came to see his father. One man shook his head. I heard all he did was watch television at the end. His son said it was terrible he had lost the ability to communicate. The man stared at him.  Jim never gave a fuck about talking to anyone even when he was young. He was kind of an asshole. Jim's son forgave the man. He was old. 

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