Tuesday, March 29, 2016


Nobody saw John and Georgia for a long time. They had all been in the city together for thirty years before age had  wrecked most of them. When Georgia died Randy got the news while ordering a Big Mac in a drive thru. He probably hadn't seen Georgia and John for over a year and now they were going to a funeral in the burbs. They didn't have kids and there had been rumors that something wasn't quite right with John.  Someone said he was a drunk.
Hey man thanks for coming.
Randy hugged John and remembered doing a loan for him five years before. They had sat in Johns immaculate house with their three cats and three litter boxes. Georgia was a clean freak and John was anal and the house looked not lived in at all.
How are you doing John?
Oh you know man. Day by day.
Johns face was bright red and Randy couldn't help but wondering if he was back on the sauce. At parties Georgia and Johnnever stayed long. Georgia got drunk fast and John would always say yeah man Georgia has had enough .They were both heavy smokers.
After the funeral they got together a few weeks later at a pizzeria. There were fifty big screens blasting out sports. John was there with a very old woman. The rap was she had been taking care of John. His face was even more red.
Randy here is like Ernest Hemingway, a writer.
The woman Betty smiled and had no idea what John had said. They left early when John was too drunk to stand and six months later John married Betty.


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