Wednesday, September 2, 2015


Before the crash Johns neighborhood was full of guys with dark slicked hair with tattoos who bought million dollar homes and then lost them when their no money down houses lost all their value. Jimmy Rocco lived next door to John and sometimes he made fun of John from his Hummer when he was biking. When he was going up a hill Jimmy Rocco would pump his fists like he was getting tired. He was married to some woman who had won a beauty pageant in some third world country.

 And then Jimmy Rocco lost his house and John never saw him again. Ten year later he was in the grocery store and he noticed the Fifteen Items line was backed up. Everyone looked pissed off and John stared at the items on the conveyor belt. There was at least twenty five. He then looked up at the man standing with his head slightly down with hair greased back. His hair had turned gray and for a minute John didn't recognize Jimmy Rocco.

But there he was. Standing in the Fifteen Item line and John just said it.
Hey...that looks like its more than fifteen items.
Jimmy Rocco looked up and John could tell he didn't recognize him.
It's fifteen he said shrugging.
No its not John said looking at the other people in line.
Jimmy Rocco shrugged again.
Whats your problem pal.
He's right you got like twenty some items an old man said in front of John.
A woman with circles under her eyes shook her head.
I cant stand people who think they are above the rules

Jimmy Rocco stared down with his neck turning pink.
I think you should go to the back of the line John said.
I do too the old man said.
Jimmy glared at John with pure hate
Fuck it he muttered and then walked out and left  his items on  the conveyor.
John never saw him again, He heard from a man years later that Jimmy Rocco drove around a truck that looked like a hot dog during lunch hour. 

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