Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Breakfast Club

Every day John drove by the three women at the bus stop. He envied them because they always talked every morning while he had to face his computer. They had never really spoke except the one woman Beth. The other two had just moved in and he would pass and wave with his daughter every morning on the way to school. He began to think about saying something.
In truth he wouldn't mind being part of their breakfast club. He needed the interaction. He was the lonely writer in the suburbs working on two books he had to have to the publisher by the years end.

So one day he dropped off his daughter and decided to say something. A quip. Something to break the ice and bring him into the club. He put down his far window and readied himself. He would be the witty writer who would make the women laugh, then they might all start talking. Who knows, he might start coming up to the bus stop to chat and become a member of the breakfast club.  They weren't  bad looking women.

But now he was on his game. He saw the women and made sure he had his sunglasses on his head and checked himself in the mirror. He slowed down and the two women turned.

Hey, you guys need to call your group something.
There was only two of them today. They laughed.
We should we  should
How about the breakfast club?
Oh that's good that's good.
Yeah. Great movie. I'm john  by the way.
Kate the new woman said.

John motioned behind him...what is the other woman's name?
Kate leaned toward him and frowned.
What? What did you say?

I said... what was the other woman's name?
Oh that's Liz.
John then stared at the women. They stared at him.
Well carry on he said stupidly.
He then drove away and pulled into his garage. He went to his office and shut the door. The next day John  drove by and waved and the women waved back. He never stopped again.