Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Talking in Class

Jerry had enough. He didn't care if the students followed along with the reading but it really irritates him that they talked during the reading. He was an adjunct and didn't feel like he should be babysitting and usually he would let it go but they just kept talking. Fuck it.
The two students looked up. The guy never brought his book and mostly just stared at the floor or talked to the girl who kept her phone on and surfed. It was early and Monday and just then Jerry didn't give a shit anymore.
You two want to shut the fuck up.
They looked up at him shocked. They were freshman at an upscale private college.
I don't give a fuck if you don't do the reading or surf during class. But I do care if you talk. If you want to keep talking then get the fuck out of my class otherwise shut the fuck up.
The entire class was silent and staring. A Street Car Named Desire had taken a back seat to real drama. The girl had turned red and the boy was now staring down at the floor with his BULLS hat pulled low. Jerry turned back to the girl who had been reading.
Please continue.
The class ended ten minutes later and the boy and girl ran out of the class. Later that day he received an email from the chairman.
Please seem me regarding a formal complaint.
The next day Jerry walked into the Dans office. They had only talked once when he was hired and like most adjunct jobs he never saw the chairman again.
Have a seat Jerry.
Dan picked up a piece of paper.
I have a formal complaint lodged by two students of yours. They said you swore at them in class.
Well...yes. They had been talking in class.
Dan leaned back. There had been an open position and Dan never mentioned it. A permanent one and Jerry felt Dan had not even considered him.
You can't swear at students Jerry.
Dan paused.
You will have to apologize to the two students.
Or we will have to make a change.
Jerry stared at the chairman
You're going to fire me?
I would have no choice.
The job only paid twenty four hundred bucks. It wasn't enough.
You know what Dan--
She's my daughter.
Jerry apologized to the two students in the hallway the next day. They dropped the class the next week and said Jerry was a REAL PRICK on


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