Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Text Elitism

 It really bothered Justin that Paul should be doing so well
They had gone to college together and even been roommates. He had moved to the suburbs and taken a job at  Dominoes pizza as a manager while Paul became an architect. What really bothered him was that Paul preferred texts over conversation.
Hey lets get together.
Sorry. Busy.
Paul's texts were always curt. They were usually just a few words. Still Justin persisted. He felt if he and Paul could get together he might establish a lifeline to a bigger world. Paul lived in a highrise downtown with his wife another architect. They were always going to benefits or concerts or just doing really cool things. about Saturday?
Sorry. Just got back from Paris.
So it went. Paul would wait a few weeks and then send Paul another text. It seemed this bigger world beyond the suburbs of wife and there kids and a dog and a cat was at Pauls fingertips. He actually had seen him on television a few times being interviewed about architecture in Chicago. So he was very excited when the text came back:
Hey Saturday might be doable.
Great. We will come down.
Yes...dinner at our place seven. Paul
Justin bought a snazzy new sport coat and his wife bought a dress she had seen in a magazine. They both looked forward to a night downtown with people who might usher in a new life for them. The text came during Saturday afternoon.
Sorry. Forgot about Chicago Symphony concert. Have to cancel.
Justin was stunned. More than that he was mad. He had enough of Paul and his rude elitist texts. He would show him. In a fit of rage he texted back.
That's fine. We have a YANNI concert we forgot about.
He hit send with great satisfaction.
He never heard from Paul again.

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