Monday, March 16, 2015


John didn't read anymore. He didn't even read his phone all the way through. When he met with Kevin at the bar he asked him the same thing.
Nope. I don't read newspapers anymore. I cant take the time.
Really. You used to read everything.
I know. I used to watch all those political shows too. Remember we both did.
John frowned.
Yeah. I  don't know why but I lost interest.
Me too. It just doesn't seem relevant anymore. I don't know where I found the time.
John shook his head.
I mean maybe we are becoming a people who don't read anymore.
It is probably out of date. We get everything in bits. Our brains have wired up to accept bursts of information after that it just tunes out.
But doesn't that scare you?
Not at all. Look why should we carry around all that information when we have these?
He held up his phone.
I know none of my students read. We read everything in class out loud. Its the only way I can be sure they can read.
How's that going?
Well the truth is no one can read.
What do you mean?
I mean they cant read. They stumble over words or just loose their train of thought. My ten year old reads better than they do.
Kevin drank  his scotch.
Man that's rough....what grade to you teach again?
Freshman comp.

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