Monday, March 23, 2015

Neighbor friends

The dinner came about after they ran into the Hendricks at the graduation ceremony. They had lived across the street from each other for ten years and their kids were the same age and they were the same age but Pam and Jack did not gel with Frank and Julie. So Frank decided they would have a dinner. Way back when they had tried when they first moved in but it just didn't go anywhere. So now Frank decided to break the ice with the dinner.
They had lobster and rice and champagne for dinner. After dinner they went to the den and sat around and had coffee. The conversation had been stiff. They had asked where each of their kids were going to college. Pam still looked like a million bucks though she had aged. She had a way of just waiting for you to make an ass of yourself before she spoke. That's what Julie thought.
Frank decided to go for it.
You know we had this dinner well because we decided that after all these years it was ridiculous for us to not be friends. I mean ten years ago we all tired and...I don't know with our kids in college now maybe we can pull it off.
Jack sat with his coffee with his leg crossed. He had a Hemingway beard and he stared down at his coffee for a long moment.
I wondered what was behind this he began slowly
Frank shrugged.
Well...nothing. Just Julie and I thought since none of us are moving we should you know become better neighbors.
Jack set his coffee down.
That's the point. We are neighbors.
Exactly Frank exclaimed.
No. Jack shook his head. I mean we are neighbors and not friends. Those are two different groups that Pam and I like to keep separate.
Frank looked at his wife and she shook her head. She had told him this was a bad idea. She didn't like Pam and thought she was a bitch.
Well...Frank continued. Maybe we can change that.
Jack pursed his lips.
No. We are neighbors. The truth is we didn't become friends ten years ago because we didn't really like each other...and the truth is we still don't.
Franks mouth opened slowly as Jack stood up .
But thank you for the dinner neighbor. Ready Pam?
Frank and Julie stared at each other after the door closed.
I told you.
Frank nodded.
You were right.
 Two years later they moved back to the city where their neighbor friends lived.

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