Monday, March 16, 2015


Ric was walking home when he felt the gun in the back of his neck
Go into the alley man or I blow your fucking head off.
Rick had never been mugged. He had lived in Chicago over twenty years and many of his friends had been mugged but he never had. His heart pounded as he walked into the dark alley.
Put your motherfucking hands up against that wall.
Hey man just be cool. I'll give you whatever you want.
Give me your fucking wallet.
Its in my back pocket.
He felt his hand dig his wallet out.
Where's your fucking money.
That's it man. I don't carry cash.
You telling me you don't got no  money.
No man. I use my atm card.
You lying.
No. Its a cashless society. Nobody carries cash anymore.
What the fuck am I supposed to do now.
Take my watch man. Its a Rolex. Its worth a lot of money.
Give it to me.
Ric took the watch off and held it up.
How do I know you have a gun?
You want to find out motherfucker?
Don't you move.
Ric felt the gun leave his head and then heard something clank on the pavement
He stayed facing the wall and then slowly turned around. The alley was empty. Rick walked slowly out and saw something glittering on the ground. He picked up a pipe.
That fucking guy was lying! He exclaimed.
Ric felt his wrist where his watch had been.
Enjoy the Timex asshole he muttered.

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