Saturday, March 28, 2015

Mad Men

George loved Mad Men. He saw himself as one of them. He was bored at his job and thought he could do better. He told Jeb about his new job at the bar.
I'm the man. I report to the CEO and no one else.
That's great.
Yeah...just like Mad Men dude.
After that Jeb didn't see George for three months. When he did he had lost weight and looked haggard.
What happened to you? new job sucks.
My boss is an asshole man. He's like a workaholic and abuses the shit out of me. I've lost ten pounds and all I do is collapse at night.
So what are you going to do?
I'm going to look for a new job.
Jeb didn't see George after that for another few months. He was very busy with the end or the term grading and student conferences anyway. After school got out he met George again at the bar.
So what's going on?
George looked even worse.
I got fired man.
You're kidding.
That prick of a boss of mine said I couldn't cut it. Said I didn't have what it takes.
Wow...that sucks.
Yeah the guy was a real dick and I haven't been ever to find anything else.
I'm really sorry George.
Guess you have a lot of time to watch Mad Men.
I hate that show George grumbled.

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