Monday, March 16, 2015

Getting Even

George used to go looking at his old girlfriends from college on Facebook. Barb was an old girlfriend who he wished happy birthday to and then suggested they meet. George had done this to several old girlfriends but none of them replied. So he was surprised when Barb shot him an IM Sure!
The Starbucks was crowded and he found a table and waited with his coffee. He was nervous because he had a wife and two kids but he told himself that all he was doing was meeting an old girlfriend not having an affair.
Hi George
A woman who was immensely fat sat down.
Yes. Don't you recognize me?
George stared at her. She did not look at all like her Facebook photo. In the online page she did not look that different from their college years. look...different.
Barb smiled and beneath the jowls and inflated cheeks he saw her.
Yes. I cropped my face from college and put it on a different body. Looks pretty good don't you think?
George tried to remember the girl whom he had sex with in cars and on front lawns and got drunk at parties but he couldn't match it with this enormous woman.
When I hit three hundred pounds my husband divorced me and I lost my job. I had to move back with my parents.
I'm sorry to hear that.
Well...I sure was glad to hear from you. We had some great times then didn't we?
George wanted to get out of there. He was embarrassed to be sitting with Barb.
I know you wanted to meet me because of my photo and now you probably don't want to talk to me.
That's alright George. I always knew you were a prick.
He frowned.
I knew about the night you were supposed to meet me at the bar and you picked up a hitchhiker and screwed her back at your apartment. Sue your landlord told me the next day when I came over.
George sat back in shock.
I didn't know...
How could you? I I didn't say anything and then we broke up anyway. But when I saw your text I wantdd to see the look on your face when you saw me and know that I had just fucked with you the way you fucked with me.
Barb then pulled out her phone and snapped a picture.
Why did you do that?
Lets see...she tapped her phone...moving her thumbs.  Love Barb. That should do it. Now were even.
She stood up. George stared at her.
Who did you send that too?
Your wife.

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