Wednesday, March 18, 2015


Marcus  had just finished speaking at the private school with  Tyler. They went for drinks afterward. Marcus just had a book come out and was riding high. Tyler's last book came out ten years before.
Yeah my agent is pissed at me.
Marcus drank his beer and looked across the table.
I haven't given her anything to sell for ten years Tyler shrugged.
Yeah. Well I'm sure you'll come up with something.
I don't know. It's not that I haven't written anything just nothing good.
Marcus nodded but he couldn't empathize. He had just sold his third novel for just under six figures and sold the movie rights. He was the hot young author who had been in People Magazine and the New York Times and started writing in a famous authors house.
Here I wanted you to have this Tyler said after many shots and many beers.
Marcus took the book that was old and faded.
Its the only one I have. You cant find it anywhere.
Cool. Thanks man.
That was the last Marcus saw of him. Ten years later he was waiting in the Chicago Public Library for Tyler to come out. Tyler had just been awarded the Genius Grant and his book had been a National Bestseller. Marcus had lost his publisher and was selling real estate. He had seen in the paper about Tylers speech and hoped to maybe get a contact for a new agent or publisher.
Hey Tyler!
He was walking out in a dark  suit with a woman looking at her watch.
Oh hey Marcus. How's it going?
Not bad, but hey man you are happening!
He smiled.
Yeah...things are going ok.
Hey... how about a beer?
The woman looked at her watch again.
Sorry. I have to go work with some actors who are doing a play on my book.
Oh cool....I guess you finally wrote something good, huh?
Tyler grinned.
Yeah....hey great seeing you, Marcus.
He watched Tyler duck into a car then walked to the train station. He saw his book in the home he showed that night.

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