Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Facebook Envy

Marie was sick and tired of Claire's posts. It was Claire and her husband Jason on the ski slopes. In Paris. In Rome. In Germany. They were always on beaches or by the pool or waving from the Grand Canyon or in Napa Valley tasting wines. Marie tried to block her but somehow because of the strange Facebook Algorithms she always ended up getting Claire's posts.
 Marie and her husband could not afford vacactions. John was an adjunct for Comp classes and she was working on getting her nursing degree. They counted their pennies and pizza night was a big deal. Still the onslaught of videos and pictures and posts about Claire's travels taunted her day after day when she opened her computer. She then started to post herself. It started with a video of France she lifted from YouTube.
Here we are in France she declared. Then she took pictures of Germany, the Caribbean and taught herself photo shop and began to insert her husband and the kids in pictures. Then she started to insert all of them. Here we are at the beach in Cayman Island! Here we are in Puerto Rico! Here we are in Hawaii. She noticed then that Claire started to increase her posts. Russia. New York. The Presidential Inauguration. It was amazing. Not to be outdone Marie posted Facebook shots of her kids posing with the President and then stunning shots of them tramping through the Amazon and hang gliding over the rain forest.
This went on for months and Marie was truly in awe that Claire had that kind of money. She knew Jason was a trader on the Board of Trade and from their travels she was sure he had been making millions. Then suddenly the posts stopped. Marie never saw Claire posts again. It was a  year later she saw a woman with washed out hair and a haggard expression.
Claire? She called out in the Dollar Store.
The woman turned . It was Claire.
Hello Marie.
I never expected to see you here.
Claire shrugged gripping her list tightly.
Yes well after the divorce...
You divorced?
We lost everything. The house...I live in a town home now.
I didn't know.
Yes our life changed. I used to post all these phony pictures on Facebook about our vacations when we were getting foreclosed on.
Marie's mouth opened. Really?
It was pathetic. We never went anywhere. Then I just stopped and never went on Facebook again.
Clarie nodded to her.
I never saw you on Facebook. It's really just a bunch of people lying about their lives.


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