Friday, August 22, 2014

Quiet Car

 I don't want Stephanie to suffer for my actions.
Kurt tried to concentrate on his computer. The woman on the phone was driving him crazy. It was the Quiet Car for Gods sake. Couldn't she see the sign? It was right above Kurt's seat. The man with the finger to his mouth. Shhhhh. Quiet car.
Oh I know. But it wasn't my fault. I just don't want to cause any more trouble for anybody in the department.
Kurt stared at his screen. The lady was in his head. QUIET CAR. HE really should say something.
Well it's not my fault....I told you...I told you I didn't want to hurt anyone.
What the fuck was she talking about? Where was the conductor? Somebody should say something. It was the QUIET CAR.
I just...can't belive they let me go...
Kurt looked up. That was it. He saw the conductor and motioned to him at the other end of the car. This bitch should know how rude she was being to everyone on the train. The Conductor was punching tickets and made a motion he would be there in a minute.
I love is my life...I...I...I.
Kurt heard whimpering and realized the woman was crying. She was not a pretty woman. Too big boned. Her was hair was too red. But now she was crying profusely.
I don't know what to do now. I have always been a teacher...what will I do for money now...
The conductor  was walking down through the car now. Kurt shook his head. He should not have to listen to this woman cry. Everyone has problems. This was the QUIET CAR.
All I ever wanted to do was teach...
The woman had taken off her glasses wiping both cheeks. Kurt stared at her as the conductor walked up.
Can I help you sir?
Kurt looked up at him and watched the woman still wiping her cheeks, her eyes red. He motioned to the QUIET CAR sign with the man with the finger to his lips.  He looked at the woman's worn handbag.
Yes...He said meeting the conductors eyes. What time does the train get into Chicago?

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