Friday, August 22, 2014

Blind Date

You mind if I sit here?
The awkward young man looked up.
Well someone is going to be there he said motioning to the open chair.
He looked like a dweeb but Kurt went and sat down on the Starbucks wall. He pulled out his computer and started working.
Pardon me.
The dweeb was up and talking to two beautiful Asian women.
Are you here to meet someone?
The two women stared at the dweeb who was sweating.
No...No. They looked at each other and smiled.
Well...I mean if you are...then I am the person you are supposed to meet.
By now several other people were watching. The dweeb stood there and stared at the two Asian women. said.
The dweeb stared at them and then left the Starbucks in defeat.
Kurt went back to his work and realized then the dweeb had been waiting for someone.  Probably or some other site.
Would you like to use this table?
A different Asian woman was staring at him.
Oh thank you Kurt said taking the small computer table. The Asian woman smiled at Kurt.. He sat for a long moment trying to concentrate. Kurt looked up.
Pardon me...but are you here to meet someone?
The Asian woman nodded and smiled self consciously.
Kurt paused then closed his computer.
Me too, he said holding out his hand.
I'm Kurt.

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