Monday, July 28, 2014

Working Man

All you gotta do is sit here and keep the log.
Got it.
Just don't fall asleep.
I wont
Jack sat behind the security desk in the Wrigley Building in Chicago. Nothing happened all night long. His boss Rico came back and stared at his log in the morning.
You didn't write nothing.
Nothing happened. gotta write something. Shit I don't care what you write. But use Military time.
Military time?
Yeah. You know 0100 0200 hours. That gives my boss a real hard on. Thinks we are working then.
Oh ok.
The next night Jack sat all night at the security desk. At 01100 hours he saw a bug crossing the lobby and noted it in his log. At 01200 hours Jack smashed the bug with his shoe. He noted that in the log. In the morning Rico came back and looked at the log.
Say...this is real good. You're pretty good at security.
Jack had the job for six months and read fifty some novels. It was the best job he ever had.

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