Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Working Man IV

I had it all planned out. I would get canned and go on unemployment and write all summer. Maybe Forever. I just went in to the meetings and to get my check. My suit began to get dust on the shoulders. Then they hired Bob.
I believe in you.
Yes. I think you have potential. I am putting you on a Performance Improvement Program.
Bob looked like Herman Munster. Or maybe Fred Flintstone. He had a big dumb smile that I knew would get him canned one day in corporate world. Nobody survives in Corporate American who smiles like Yogi Bear.
I don't think I would do that Bob.
Why not? I'm not going to just fire you.
My plan had been foiled. So I kept going into meetings, to get my check, and to talk to Bob about my performance improvement program. The dust blew off my suit. After three months Bob pulled me into his office.
I don't see any new sales.
I don't have them Bob.
I still believe in you.
Are you sure?
This went on for another three months. The writing was going pretty well but the meetings were murder. Bobs boss wanted him to can me. Bob saw me as a cause.
Not going to do it he said.
The next week I went into get my check. Bobs office was empty. I found out they had canned him after production failed to improve. When I got home the phone rang. It was Lou Tazzles the Vice President who had canned Bob.
Your terminated he said.
Thank you I said.



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