Monday, July 28, 2014

Working Man III

Alright. The most important thing is to go to all the Detex Stations. You don't go to all the stations then I'm going to know it and I'll fire your ass.
Another thing. A lot of guys think they can get away without going to the Detex station behind the clock. I always check that one.
Frank was a fat guy who didn't look like he could climb any stairs  but in his Security uniform he looked very official.
Alright. Good luck.
I was back in the Wrigley building. I waited until midnight and started my rounds. I had a key I inserted into each little Detex box. This made sure I didn't just sit at the security desk and read all night which I did anyway. I went up all the way to the top in the elevator then got out and went to a door that said. NO TRESPASSING. I opened it and started to climb.
The Wrigley Clock looks down on Michigan Avenue in Chicago. It is very impressive and lit up at night. I walked up behind the clock on a long circular stairwell that was pretty narrow. Below me was a long drop to a cement death.
 I kept climbing and was breathing hard when I reached the Detex Station behind the clock. I could hear a buzzing and I could see out a hole the giant clock hands. I put the key in and set the Detex then paused. This was the Wrigley Clock Tower.
I went back down. Frank checked in with me every week. I never went back up to the clock tower again after the guys laughed their ass off when I told them I went all the way up to the Detex. Frank died of a heart attack in the spring.

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