Tuesday, July 1, 2014


C'mon. I got something to show you.
They walked across the white gravel in their bare feet. They walked with their toes grabbing the rocks. It was almost twilight.
Nobody is home Jimmy said.
They walked into the darkened house and Tim followed Jimmy all the way though the house. They walked into a den and Jimmy looked back.
It's in here.
How long has your dad been dead.
About a year Jimmy answered.
The Virginia night was outside the windows now but they could still see. Jimmy opened another door and they walked into a den. There was a large desk. Jimmy turned on a lamp.
Its up there.
Tim stared up at the white ceiling.
I don't see anything.
Up there in the corner...Jimmy said pointing. You see it?
Tim squinted and saw a small dark hole towards the corner
That's where the bullet went.
You mean...
Jimmy nodded.
Yeah...when my dad shot himself in the head.
They left then and walked back across the sharp gravel.
It hurt like hell.


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