Friday, July 11, 2014

Girl Scout Camp

The track wound out of the trees around the bend in the morning sun. Bob saw the girl scout camp then. There were girls in blue shirts in groups around flags. He walked up to a woman who seemed to be running the camp with a bandanna in her hair.
I'm looking for my daughter.
The woman had brown hair and glasses.
What is her name?
Julie Riden
The woman frowned and looked around.
That doesn't ring a bell. She called to two other women who checked a clipboard. They had not heard of her. Bob shook his head.
I know she is here. She always went to girl scout camp in the summer.
The women started talking on their phones. They looked panicked. Bob waited.
Are you sure it is this girl scout camp?
Bob stared down the railroad tracks.
Maybe it is another one.
We could call around for you.
No. Bob shook his head.
I'll just keep on walking.
The three women watched him walk down the railroad track that ran along the river.
I saw him come out of the trees this morning and almost called the sherriff, the assistant camp counselor said. He didn't look right to me.
The woman with the bandanna pulled up her phone and Googled Julie Riden.
They kept their eyes on the man growing smaller. The woman with the glasses gasped.
Julie Riden died in a car crash last year! She stared at her phone. She was survived by her father...Bob Riden.
Oh my God.
You mean he is looking....
The three women  looked down the sun lit tracks passing into the trees.

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