Thursday, June 26, 2014

Naked Pictures

John got the first one on the train. It was his wife. She was naked and worse she was spread eagle in a bed. He looked around quickly and held his phone close to his face. The next day two more appeared. In both his wife was completely nude and doing very provocative things. John tried to follow the link but it went nowhere. He said nothing.
  The following week he received five then ten then twenty photos. His wife was very young in the naked pictures and looked great. He hired a private detective to find out where the photos were coming from. Two days later he called. sitting down.
Yeah...well. Your wife is sending these to you.
My wife?
Thank you...thank you very much.
That night at dinner his wife was quiet as usual. They had been married thirty years and had quit talking a long time ago. John cleared his throat.
I got some pictures in my phone
Oh really she said not looking up.
Yes...they were naked photos.
Marcie looked up then.
How did they look?
John nodded.
I didn't know you...ah...did that sort of thing.
Marcie stared at her husband. They never had sex anymore. He slept many times in the guest bedroom.
I was a stripper before I met you.
John opened his mouth.
Yeah...can you believe it.
Marcie shook her head and picked up her I PAD.
I actually had a life then.

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