Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Doing the Cliff Dwellers

Up among the cliffs are the dwellers. Birds from another time who haunt the top of Chicago's skyscrapers. They have been there since 1907. And while the world below rolls into digital insanity the Cliff Dwellers discuss books. An amazing event in the year of our Lord 2014. But they swoop down and have gathered up authors from Booth Tarkington to Studs Terkel to William Hazelgrove. I have done the Cliff Dwellers before and you don't forget it.

You look out from the top of 200 Michigan and you are outside. No one is worried about writers throwing themselves off roof tops here. No for once the writer is held up and you see them on the wall in the black and white photos going all the way back to the early twentieth century. And then you settle down and talk about your book for two hours. And they ask the hard questions and it is a real surprise to bump into thinking people who want to  know more about your and your work.

And the lunch leads to more conversation and you have a glimpse of a different sensibility. Something beyond the social media maelstrom that consumes authors and publishing today. Maybe a more measured time...I don't really know.  But you are glad you went.

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