Monday, February 3, 2014


Sam couldn't take it anymore. The guy was face timing one table away to his daughter. Some old fuck who just didn't get it. He had been putting up with it for fifteen minutes and he couldn't think anymore. He stood up.
Pardon me
The man looked up from his phone.
 Do you know people are trying to work here.
Well that is not my problem.
He went back to facetiming.
Yeah some jerk is complaining I'm talking on my phone.
Sam was still standing.
Sir...would you please take it outside.
The old man stared up at him.
Why don't you take it outside?
He faced his phone staring at Sam.
The same prick is complaining.
Sam could hear his daughters squeaky voice
Dad...maybe you should get off.
The old man turned the phone around and Sam saw a washed out face.
Here this is what the prick looks like if he tries anything.
Sam stared at his daughter captive in her phone.
The old man turned the phone back around.
Sam took two steps and grabbed the phone out of his hand and pulled down his zipper. He put the phone to his dick and heard the daughter scream. Then he  threw the phone across the Starbucks. The phone blew apart.
The old man stared up at Sam with his mouth open.
Dicktime Sam said sitting down.