Thursday, January 16, 2014

The Pitch

He finally got the editor to lunch. This was it. He was going to pitch his book.
Thanks for coming.
No problem. I know a good sushi restaurant.
They went downstairs and talked books.
Toby pitched him on his book and the editor listened intently.
Well it sounds brilliant.
Toby felt himself well up.
I think it will really sell.
And you already wrote this?
Have it right here in my backpack.
Well you have to give it to me.
He had been courting the editor for a year. He had carefully maneuvered he lunch through a mutual friend. He then remembered to ask the editor about his own life. He  listened with a polite smile and realized how well everything was going. He reached for the wasabi and knocked his ice tea over. The tea rivered across the table into the editors lap.
Jesus Christ the editor said jumping up. His grey pressed pants were dark. It looked like he had pissed down his leg.
Shit! And I have a meeting today he muttered.
Toby and the Japanese woman handed him napkins and towels but the editor shook his head.
I'll have to get back to the office and change.
The editor went out the door and left Toby to pick up the check.  He went home with his manuscript. They never spoke again.

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