Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Shoveling Snow

The snow blower wouldn't start. It didn't matter. He always shoveled when he was a kid. He loved snow. Loved the way it made him feel. So he charged out to shovel snow like he was a kid. When he finished he felt good. He woke up and couldn't move the next morning. Every time he did he screamed out from the pain. The doctor gave him narcotics and muscle relaxers and Naproxen. He took the drugs and slept all the time and felt like he was on a different planet.

When he slept he woke up with night sweats. His wife found him on the floor of the bathroom with a blood pressure gauge. His heart was going a million miles a minute and he thought he might die. The snow piled up and he couldn't take out the garbage. He couldn't lift anything and stayed in bed all day. His boss called several times and he felt terrible. But he didn't really care about anything on the drugs.

Then he went back to the doctor who said he had a hernia. He would have to go to a surgeon. The surgeon operated and he went back to bed. He lost his job. It took six months before he could bend over and touch his toes again. When it snowed the next winter he bought a new snow blower and never thought like a kid again.



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