Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Diane dated Cliff casually. Over Christmas break they were bored and dated more. She always said Cliff was the horniest guy she ever knew because he was so aggressive. Still they never did it and Laura knew they wouldn't because Cliff would never commit.  They went to a point and then she stopped him. This went on through Christmas until the big snow storm hit and they ended up at a friend of Cliffs house who never went to college.
Its just a party he said when they entered the old house.
Ok Laura said.
She was always up for a party. They drank heavy and Cliff pulled her into a bedroom with a dirty bed covered with old clothes. They rolled around like they always did. Laura let Cliff take off her shirt and then her bra. This was standard and usually Cliff brought himself off. This made Laura always say he was the horniest guy she ever met.
Cmon... you want it he said while they rolled around on the dirty bed.
I told you I don't want to do it yet.
Cliff reached over and switched off the light.
Laura felt his body arch against hers and then his strong hands pulling down her pants.
No...I said...No.
You want it he said ripping down her jeans. Cliff was a wrestler for the college team and very strong. Laura felt her underwear ripped in half .They both had drank a lot and it seemed like the bed was very squishy.
She felt her legs and then Cliff push in. They did it with her pulling against him as he leveraged his body. She felt him come and then he rolled over to side. They got dressed and drank some more. They even dated a few more times and then school started again. Laura never saw Cliff again and it was about ten years later she realized she had been raped.

Sometimes a dream is all you have...The Pitcher


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