Saturday, July 6, 2013


Rob heard the bong water and then the smell of noxious old putrid pot. He pulled the door open and the was Toby from the down the hall still holding the bong.
You fucker.
Rob grabbed him by his shirt and threw him across the small dorm room. He flew and hit the edge of the bolted down dresser. An immediate black eye rose up like a Scarlet flower. He jumped up.
Calm down...calm down Toby said, looking shaken.
Get the fuck out of here.
He did and Rob slammed the door. He stood in the quiet of the dorm room. They hated him on the floor and this was the latest incident in a long string of bong water, shaving cream, throwing shit against his door. He couldn't wait for the semester to end. He heard a knock on the door.
Tobys roommate Mike stood there with fists clenched.
Cmon you want to fight someone then fight me.
Rob stared at him. Mike was bigger with hair ringing a smooth head. He had a large mustache.
C'mon you pick on someone your own size.
Rob stared at him. He didn't want to fight Mike even though he was behind a lot of the bong water dousing. They had words before and now he was here with fists raised like some  old pugilist.
C'mon you talk all your shit...lets see you do something about it!
Rob couldn't move. He was off guard and felt afraid. He stepped forward.
Mike...Mike...he pleaded.
He raised his hand to Mikes shoulder.
Coward Mike sneered turning away.
The next day in the cafeteria Rob saw Mike and Toby at their table. He stared straight ahead and heard their laughter. At the end of the year he moved off the floor. Six months later he saw Mike in a bar. He left out the back door.

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