Sunday, July 21, 2013

Getting it up

Jonathan always laughed at the Cialis commercials. He was twenty six. No problems there. He and Julie would laugh at the people in the bathtub. They would laugh at the way the laundry room would turn into a Tiki hut and the people would start slow dancing. Then one night Jonathan had a problem.
I don't know he said to Julie who was waiting.
Maybe you drank too much.
He had drank a lot and things were not happening. The next day he didn't think about it and saw the same Cialis commercials. That night after the bars he climbed into bed. Julie rolled over and he stripped off his clothes.
What's wrong?
I..I don't know.
Did you drink too much again?
Jonathan shrugged.
I must have.
The next day he thought about it all day. He turned off the television when the couple started slow dancing in the laundry room. He looked at the bedroom with dread. Three days passed and Julie said nothing. On the fourth night she waited for him when he came out of the bathroom.
He had turned over and was facing the way.
I don't feel good.
You mean you cant get it up.
Jonathan stared at the wall.
He really wanted to slow dance in a Tiki hut in the worst way.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Diane dated Cliff casually. Over Christmas break they were bored and dated more. She always said Cliff was the horniest guy she ever knew because he was so aggressive. Still they never did it and Laura knew they wouldn't because Cliff would never commit.  They went to a point and then she stopped him. This went on through Christmas until the big snow storm hit and they ended up at a friend of Cliffs house who never went to college.
Its just a party he said when they entered the old house.
Ok Laura said.
She was always up for a party. They drank heavy and Cliff pulled her into a bedroom with a dirty bed covered with old clothes. They rolled around like they always did. Laura let Cliff take off her shirt and then her bra. This was standard and usually Cliff brought himself off. This made Laura always say he was the horniest guy she ever met.
Cmon... you want it he said while they rolled around on the dirty bed.
I told you I don't want to do it yet.
Cliff reached over and switched off the light.
Laura felt his body arch against hers and then his strong hands pulling down her pants.
No...I said...No.
You want it he said ripping down her jeans. Cliff was a wrestler for the college team and very strong. Laura felt her underwear ripped in half .They both had drank a lot and it seemed like the bed was very squishy.
She felt her legs and then Cliff push in. They did it with her pulling against him as he leveraged his body. She felt him come and then he rolled over to side. They got dressed and drank some more. They even dated a few more times and then school started again. Laura never saw Cliff again and it was about ten years later she realized she had been raped.

Sometimes a dream is all you have...The Pitcher


Saturday, July 6, 2013


Rob heard the bong water and then the smell of noxious old putrid pot. He pulled the door open and the was Toby from the down the hall still holding the bong.
You fucker.
Rob grabbed him by his shirt and threw him across the small dorm room. He flew and hit the edge of the bolted down dresser. An immediate black eye rose up like a Scarlet flower. He jumped up.
Calm down...calm down Toby said, looking shaken.
Get the fuck out of here.
He did and Rob slammed the door. He stood in the quiet of the dorm room. They hated him on the floor and this was the latest incident in a long string of bong water, shaving cream, throwing shit against his door. He couldn't wait for the semester to end. He heard a knock on the door.
Tobys roommate Mike stood there with fists clenched.
Cmon you want to fight someone then fight me.
Rob stared at him. Mike was bigger with hair ringing a smooth head. He had a large mustache.
C'mon you pick on someone your own size.
Rob stared at him. He didn't want to fight Mike even though he was behind a lot of the bong water dousing. They had words before and now he was here with fists raised like some  old pugilist.
C'mon you talk all your shit...lets see you do something about it!
Rob couldn't move. He was off guard and felt afraid. He stepped forward.
Mike...Mike...he pleaded.
He raised his hand to Mikes shoulder.
Coward Mike sneered turning away.
The next day in the cafeteria Rob saw Mike and Toby at their table. He stared straight ahead and heard their laughter. At the end of the year he moved off the floor. Six months later he saw Mike in a bar. He left out the back door.