Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Purse

It was there on the sidewalk. Jimmy and Dan ran up and grabbed it. They looked both ways then took off for the woods. They didn't stop until they were deep in the woods and looked around making sure no one had followed them.
Open it.
I am!
Yo...fifty bucks man.
Jimmy looked at Dan.
You cant say anything about this to anybody.
I wont.
Probably some lady on the bus forgot it.
C'mon...lets go buy some candy.
They went to a drugstore and bought a bag of candy then went behind a firehouse and into the alley. Jimmy pulled a brick out of the crumbling back wall of a garage.
Alright...there's forty two bucks left. We hide it here and nobody comes and get its unless we are both
Jimmy put the brick back and they split up. Two days later Dan went back to the alley and found the money was gone. He called Jimmy.
Did you take the money?
What do you mean?
It's gone!'
How do you know?'
I checked.
Jimmy paused.
I thought we were supposed to both be there.
Dan felt his face turn red.
Maybe you took it and are now saying its gone, Dan!
No I didn't! I swear!
Ah...well, maybe somebody else stole it. No big deal.
Jimmy hung up and Dan never brought the money up to him again. Years later after he moved from the city he realized Jimmy had conned him.

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