Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Hot Wife

He was obviously a slug. The man was playing a computer game on his phone. The beard. The tennis shoes. Jonathan thought about moving but he had to wait for his son to come out of the dentist office. He was reading a novel on his Kindle. The man obviously didn't move. He was busy playing the game with his kid.
Beat that.
I cant the kid squealed.
Jonathan redouble his concentration.
Dude I just beat you.
No you didn't.
Yes I did.
The man took his coffee and drank loudly. Jonathan rolled his eyes. Some kind of construction worker. Some guy who worked with his hands probably lived in a trailer.
Yo dude. I'm awesome Awesome.
Jonathan felt sorry for the moron. Some kind of a pathetic life.
The door opened and in walked a stunning blond with a giant rock on her finger.
Oh you guys are playing a computer game...having fun.
I am mommy.
The bearded man never looked up. Jonathan couldn't help but stare. The woman had a body to kill for. Clear blue eyes. She wore pearls. What the fuck. She was this guy? This guy?
Ready dude?
The dentist will see you now.
The family left Jonathan to his novel that he couldn't read if he wanted too now.

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