Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Hanging

We had just broken into the frat house for the tenth time and beat it back to our club which was a parachute draped over trees. Kauffman was there smoking with two other highschoolers.
Which one of your faggots told your mom about the club?
 Nobody said anything but Kauffman already knew.
It was you he said to Dickey.
 You know what happens guys who rat out the club?
Dickey shook his head.
We hang them.
The other two highschoolers grabbed Dickey while Kauffman threw a rope over the tree.
Lets these be a lesson to the rest of you ladies.
 He put the rope around Dickeys neck. Dickey was bawling now and none of us knew how far Kauffman would go. He and the other two highschoolers hoisted Dickey up. He grabbed at the rope around his neck but his face turned bright red and then he started pumping out snot. Nobody said anything and there was only the sound of Dickey strangling.
Hey you little fuckers!
Frat rats! I screamed.
Kauffman and the highschoolers dropped Dickey and then we all ran. Even Dickey ran with the rope trailing around his neck. By the time we got to my house we were all laughing. Dickey laughed. the loudest.

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