Monday, June 24, 2013


They are talking about your book
Oh really.
Yeah....I didn't care for it.
You read it?
Oh yeah....I just hear your voice coming through.
I just don't believe people talk that way.
Georgia didn't like it either.
Franks wife shrugged.
I couldn't get through it.
James felt his face warm. They were sitting out on the patio. The night had been one of old friends until this. Now they sat there with the body bleeding all over the pavers.
Well...I think it is more YA.
No....That was Cliffs wife. A teacher. She shook her head. I read YA all the time and its not YA.
James looked for oxygen.
Maybe it doesn't appeal to some people he offered.
They sat in silence for a long time. No one could think of one thing to say until Georgia and Frank left. On the drive home James and his wife discussed what had been said and became really angry. After his wife fell asleep James drove in silence and bled all over the car.


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