Monday, June 24, 2013


They are talking about your book
Oh really.
Yeah....I didn't care for it.
You read it?
Oh yeah....I just hear your voice coming through.
I just don't believe people talk that way.
Georgia didn't like it either.
Franks wife shrugged.
I couldn't get through it.
James felt his face warm. They were sitting out on the patio. The night had been one of old friends until this. Now they sat there with the body bleeding all over the pavers.
Well...I think it is more YA.
No....That was Cliffs wife. A teacher. She shook her head. I read YA all the time and its not YA.
James looked for oxygen.
Maybe it doesn't appeal to some people he offered.
They sat in silence for a long time. No one could think of one thing to say until Georgia and Frank left. On the drive home James and his wife discussed what had been said and became really angry. After his wife fell asleep James drove in silence and bled all over the car.


Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Where is she
I thought she was with you.
Rob ran down to the waters edge. A million people down for spring break in Florida. His heart pounded. Gone. Just gone.
Where is she his wife screamed.
I don't fucking know he screamed back starting to jog. Looking. Looking. Looking. Where. Where.
Hailey! Hailey! Hailey!
He ran and ran and then realized she could not have gone this far this fast unless someone had taken her then, then...
He ran back the other way and saw his wife running toward him.
Did you see her?
The world would not be the same. Nothing. From this moment on a dividing line in his life. He looked way then the other. She was gone. Gone. There was no way to find her. Every psycho pervert in Florida had her. They were all here now.
Hailey Hailey Hailey
His wife crumpled into the sand.
Ron stared down the beach unbelieving. Life had just ended for him
He whipped around and saw the stringy haired blond eight year running toward him. Crying. Crying. Crying.
HAILEY his wife shrieked jumping up.
They all hugged in the sand.
I was lost...I was lost...
I am sorry...his wife wailed.
Ron hugged his little girl. Not this time. Not this time God.


Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Hanging

We had just broken into the frat house for the tenth time and beat it back to our club which was a parachute draped over trees. Kauffman was there smoking with two other highschoolers.
Which one of your faggots told your mom about the club?
 Nobody said anything but Kauffman already knew.
It was you he said to Dickey.
 You know what happens guys who rat out the club?
Dickey shook his head.
We hang them.
The other two highschoolers grabbed Dickey while Kauffman threw a rope over the tree.
Lets these be a lesson to the rest of you ladies.
 He put the rope around Dickeys neck. Dickey was bawling now and none of us knew how far Kauffman would go. He and the other two highschoolers hoisted Dickey up. He grabbed at the rope around his neck but his face turned bright red and then he started pumping out snot. Nobody said anything and there was only the sound of Dickey strangling.
Hey you little fuckers!
Frat rats! I screamed.
Kauffman and the highschoolers dropped Dickey and then we all ran. Even Dickey ran with the rope trailing around his neck. By the time we got to my house we were all laughing. Dickey laughed. the loudest.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Purse

It was there on the sidewalk. Jimmy and Dan ran up and grabbed it. They looked both ways then took off for the woods. They didn't stop until they were deep in the woods and looked around making sure no one had followed them.
Open it.
I am!
Yo...fifty bucks man.
Jimmy looked at Dan.
You cant say anything about this to anybody.
I wont.
Probably some lady on the bus forgot it.
C'mon...lets go buy some candy.
They went to a drugstore and bought a bag of candy then went behind a firehouse and into the alley. Jimmy pulled a brick out of the crumbling back wall of a garage.
Alright...there's forty two bucks left. We hide it here and nobody comes and get its unless we are both
Jimmy put the brick back and they split up. Two days later Dan went back to the alley and found the money was gone. He called Jimmy.
Did you take the money?
What do you mean?
It's gone!'
How do you know?'
I checked.
Jimmy paused.
I thought we were supposed to both be there.
Dan felt his face turn red.
Maybe you took it and are now saying its gone, Dan!
No I didn't! I swear!
Ah...well, maybe somebody else stole it. No big deal.
Jimmy hung up and Dan never brought the money up to him again. Years later after he moved from the city he realized Jimmy had conned him.

The Hot Wife

He was obviously a slug. The man was playing a computer game on his phone. The beard. The tennis shoes. Jonathan thought about moving but he had to wait for his son to come out of the dentist office. He was reading a novel on his Kindle. The man obviously didn't move. He was busy playing the game with his kid.
Beat that.
I cant the kid squealed.
Jonathan redouble his concentration.
Dude I just beat you.
No you didn't.
Yes I did.
The man took his coffee and drank loudly. Jonathan rolled his eyes. Some kind of construction worker. Some guy who worked with his hands probably lived in a trailer.
Yo dude. I'm awesome Awesome.
Jonathan felt sorry for the moron. Some kind of a pathetic life.
The door opened and in walked a stunning blond with a giant rock on her finger.
Oh you guys are playing a computer game...having fun.
I am mommy.
The bearded man never looked up. Jonathan couldn't help but stare. The woman had a body to kill for. Clear blue eyes. She wore pearls. What the fuck. She was this guy? This guy?
Ready dude?
The dentist will see you now.
The family left Jonathan to his novel that he couldn't read if he wanted too now.