Thursday, May 16, 2013


His bike didn't look right. No. It was pointed down. John left the coffee house and ran out to the bike rack.
They had stolen his front tire. Somebody had ripped the front tire because he didn't put his chain through the wheel. So now he couldn't ride home.
John looked around and saw another bike like his. A Trek. He glanced around again.
Fuck it he muttered and ducked down and pulled off the wheel from the bike. He eased the bike to the ground and slipped it on his front forks.
Take that he muttered One good turn deservers another.  He unchained his bike and rode home and made sure to lock up his bike somewhere else. A week later he was at a different coffee house and had just finished when he looked out again. He stared. Where was his bike? He ran outside and saw the stolen tire from the other bike chained to the rack but the bike was gone.
He had chained the front tire but forgot to put it through the frame. He stared at the stolen tire chained to the rack. John looked around but no one was stupid enough not to chain their bike frames.
He walked home and stole a kids bike off a back porch that someone stole from him a week later after they used bolt cutters on his chain.

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