Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Tony was crazy about his privacy. So when he found out Robin the new girl lived in his neighborhood he was careful to never mention where he lived. She was a twenty something who had moved in with her boyfriends parents. Tony did not want to mix the two worlds. Work was work and he kept his separate self for the home. Who he really was.
Ding dong.
Tony was in his pajamas. He pulled the door open and there was Robin.
Is this your dog?'
Tony stared at his black lab.
Yes he sputtered.
He came to our house. This is Jack my boyfriend.
Tony felt the wind through his pajamas. Jack and Robin were both smiling at him.
Thank you he muttered taking the dog.
See you tomorrow at work.
Tony shut the door and felt violated. He locked up the dog. The next day Robin laughed.
I never thought I would see you in your pajamas she sang out in the office.
Tony hid in his cubicle. A week later the door bell rang again.
Hello is this your dog?
Tony was in workout Gortex and faced a woman about his age.
Yes...he muttered.
You work with Robin right?
I thought so....well here.
Tony took the dog inside. The next day Robin came up to him.
You met my mother in law.
She said you were working out.
Robin shrugged. 
It kind of sucks living with her.
Tony paused.
Why is that?
Oh you know...no privacy.

Rocket Man...the American Dream upside down

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