Wednesday, May 1, 2013


I wasn't a burn out but went out to the smoking lounge sometimes. I was a jock who walked all walks of life. Sonny was a burnout. Neil Young burnout with long hair and fatigue jacket. We were about to graduate and Sonny got off at our bus stop.
Brother H. You want to participate?
Are you sure brother H? Have you ever partaken?
No...I said but it was the end of senior year.
We met another burnout named Miles at Sonny's house and went to his basement.
Brother H is going to join us in our celebration.
Miles had a beard and dark  glasses. A known hardcore stoner.
Very good he said.
We passed around a joint and I laid on the ground while Sonny and Miles laughed.
Can you play that song again?
Sure brother H.
Stairway to Heaven was cued up for the tenth time.
My body is electric I said while Robert Plant told about the girl climbing the stairway to heaven.
Miles and Sonny broke up and continued smoking.
After graduation I never saw Sonny again. At our twenty year reunion he came back in a Porche. He had  started his own golf equipment company and was a multimillionaire.

Rocket Man...the American dream upside down

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