Friday, April 12, 2013


Randy knocked on the door.
He waited. Tammy was already a month behind. He waited outside the screen door.
Just a minute.
He turned away then Tammy was behind the screen door.
Hi Randy.
He swallowed. Tammy was in a towel with her hair wet. The towel rode high.
Tammy...I'm here for the rent.
She smiled with her green eyes luminescent behind the dark mesh.
I don't have any money. The brakes on my car went out and I had to get them fixed.
Enough was enough. She had a different excuse every month. She lost her job. She had health issues. Now the brakes on her car.
Listen have to pay me the rent.
She stood in her towel and stared at him.
I know. I don't have the money...but I can pay you the rent.
Randy frowned.
You can pay me the rent?
Yes...She smiled again slowly, the towel clinging to her.
But you dont' have any money he said slowly.
Randy stared at her. Tammy smiled again.
Why don't you come in and I'll pay the rent she said softly.
He didn't move. He was married. He didn't move.
You'll pay me the rent he said huskily.
The summer breeze blew between them.
Tammy opened the door slowly.
Come on in and I'll get you the rent, Randy.
Randy hesitated, then walked into the apartment.
Tammy was never late again.

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