Monday, April 8, 2013


Rick heard them splashing around.
What is that?
Rats. They swim in the toilet at night.
Rick stared into the darkness of the basement apartment.
Jenny moved next to him. They were naked. They had met online and now they were at her place.
Do they do that every night?
But what know you have to go?
Oh they leave when you turn on the light.
Rick stared at Jenny's eyes. She was from Indiana  and less than five foot tall. She had stripped to that old Bodenes tune Red Red Wine then passed out on the couch. Now they were in bed.
That's creepy.
Yeah. We had them in the basement of our house where my dad lived.
Rick tried to see her in the darkness.
Why did your dad live in the basement?
He moved there after my mom tried to stab him in his sleep with a steak knife.
Rick felt his heart bump up. He swallowed.
What happened then?
He woke up. She only stabbed him in the arm. He moved into the basement after that.
With the rats Rick said swallowing again.
Yes she said snuggling up against his chest.
With the rats.

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