Thursday, April 11, 2013


We can go under the chain.
No I don't think we should.
Jim looked around. The park was empty. An empty park in Maui. Who would really care?
He and Jenny ducked under the chain with their cooler of drinks and sandwiches.
They sat down on the ground and began to eat.
This is nice.
Jim looked around. Hawaii. This was it. His wife was pregnant and this was their last hurrah of sorts. He saw an old pickup truck pull in on other side of the chain.
Who is that?
I dont' know.
The man looked Mexican. He glared out from the window.
What do you want?
Jim stared at him.
I'm sorry.
You want some?
Jim shook his head.
I don't know what you mean.
The man leaned out of his window.
Get the fuck out of here.
He had heard of an underbelly in Hawaii but he dint believe it. Jenny stared at him.
What did he--"
Get the fuck out of here the man shouted.
Jim shut the cooler and pulled his pregnant wife to their car. He walked feeling the mans glare. They drove back to their side of the island quickly.
They never went back to Hawaii after the baby was born.

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