Tuesday, April 16, 2013

One Night Stand

They met on the bus. She lived in Lincoln Park and Toby asked her out that night. The bars were deriguer and they got smashed and went back to her apartment. The sex was amazing and on the floor and backwards and in a lot of different other ways. She wore a Japanese robe when they were done and they ate pizza on the floor and then passed out. When Toby woke he had one foot in the pizza box and his head pounded like someone had just kicked him.
I guess you'll call me then she said still in her robe, sitting up.
Sure I will he said pulling on his pants.
I really enjoyed last night she purred
Me too.
Toby found his shoes and his wallet.
It was so much better than Bruce.
Toby stared at her.
Oh don't worry...he's not my boyfriend or anything.
Toby shrugged. That's cool.
He's just a gay guy I had sex with before you.
Toby felt his heart jump up.
She shrugged. Yeah...a couple nights ago. But he wasn't as good as you.
Toby swallowed. A gay guy?
She sat down in her Japanese robe and smiled.
Uh huh.
Toby beat it out of her apartment and got tested right away. This was the eighties and people were dying all over the place from AIDS. He sweated it out for two years and then got married.


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