Saturday, April 6, 2013

Get Out of Jail Free Card

Jeff and I were pissing in the alley when they walked up.
Three guys in raincoats with their hands in their pockets.
What are you boys doing here?
Jeff stared the cop back.
Oh are you some kind of wise guy? Pissing in alleys. That's against the law you know the older cop says.
Jeff always talks smack and I knew we were in for it.
We haven't done anything wrong he says.
The cop stared at him.
Yeah. We just had a burglary. Looks to me like it could be yous two guys.
I'm sweating now. I know how it goes down in Chicago. You don't want to be around when there is crime.
You cant accuse us of something we didn't do Jeff continues.
Oh yeah the cop says. Well how about I take you down to he station and find out about that?
I figure we were fucked at this point and throw my last card.
Lets see some IDs from you two clowns.
I pull out my wallet. The other two guys are already cuffing Jeff. I flip out the card the cop gave me on vacation a couple years before. The  cop squints at me.
Where'd you get that card?
Bob OHalloran I answer.
He looks at the other two cops.
Let him go. They take the cuffs off Jeff.
Have a good night boys they say walking down the alley.
I put my card back in my wallet with a shaky hand.
In Chicago it's  all who you know.

Rocket Man...the catcher in the rye of the Great Recession

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