Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Stu got the Genius Grant.
Something like a half million. We had gone drinking after a book signing like ten years before. I just had a book out and had done pretty well. Stu had a book that had disappeared and was teaching. Anyway I figured I go to the library and watch him read. I figured he might want to go for a drink afterward.
 So I get there and there are lots of people waiting around. Then old Stu comes walking in. He has on a dark sport coat and some lady is hovering next to him.
Hey Stu! Stu!
He squints.
Oh...hey Joe.
You wanta go out and have a drink after your speech?
Stu looks at me.
I really cant Joe.
The lady is staring at me like I'm some kind of bug. I mean I had my glory you know. My book hit the list for a week and then fell from site. I had been there. Its been a while but I was all over the place for a while.
Come on. Remember when we went drinking before?
Stu does one of those fake smiles.
Not really Joe.
Sure..after our reading at St Marys. Remember?
I'm sorry Mr. Deter has to go.
Sure. Sure.  I say. So how about it Stu? A drink.
I really can't Joe. I have to go to a play rehearsal for one of my short stories.
Sure Stu...some other time.
The lady hustles Stu off and everybody goes in to hear him read. I drive home. I didn't need to see Stu read. I'm no genius or anything, but I've been there.

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