Wednesday, April 24, 2013


It's too high.
What do you mean it's too high
I can't see it. You put it too close to the ceiling.
George felt the blood rushing his face. He had worked hard to convert the den to a recovery room for his wife. A double mastectomy deserved that. But now there was a problem.
Look Kate. You have your chair here. You have your remotes here. And you have your window here. And now you have your television here.
Kate frowned.'s too high. Cant you make it lower?
George felt the irritation between his eyes.
It is not too  high! Look!
He jumped into the La Z Boy recliner and pulled up the handle.
I am now reclining and I am going to watch television. He hit the remote. See... you can see the television perfectly from here!
Kate stood in her robe with her arms crossed.
You're taller than me.
What! No I'm not! George released the recliner and stood up. You're just being difficult and complaining the way you always do. The television is not too high!
I'm the one that got cancer Kate said quietly.
I know! I know! But you are also the one being a bitch!
Kate stared at him dully.
Look...I'm sorry...just just...sit down...please just sit down and try it.
Kate sat down in the recliner.
There now turn on the television...there...isn't that nice? You have a window to look out of. You can control the television. A tray for your meals and you have a great view of the screen. Now...istn this all great? Right...isn't this a nice room I set up for you? Right?
Kate stared at the television and frowned.
It's still too high.

Rocket Man...the American Dream upside down


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