Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Belushi's Best Friend

This is John and me in high school and here we are in the bar....here we are with Dan Akaroyd and John Candy...oh here is Eddie Murphy.Terrence looked at the faded pictures in the scrapbook. They were only people in the basement bar and it was three AM. Chicago was cold and deserted and Terrence wanted to get home but he wanted this interview.
So would you say you were John Belushis best friend?
Angelo leaned down and snorted off the bar. He shook his head fast.
Oh yeah. We were buddies all through high school. He gave me the money to buy the bar.
Yeah...I think it would make a great book...you know our friendship. Maybe you could write it and we'll split the money.
Sure that would be great.
Angelo stared down at the scrapbook.
Yeah...I was supposed to go to the funeral but there was a limit on the invitations. Private. I think Akaroyd didn't want me there. Jealous about John and I.
Terrence nodded. He had been doing this for three months. Coming to Angleo's bar and waiting to get an interview. Every time they got as far as the scrapbook. Angelo grinded his teeth.
Yeah John had it all man. Everything you could want. Fame. Money. All the chicks in  the world.
He stared at the scrapbook.
And he fucking OD's.
Angelo leaned down to the bar and snorted another line.
He stood up and held his nose.
Maybe you could write a book about that.  


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