Thursday, April 4, 2013

Bar Fight

The frat guys they didn't know we worked there.
I was behind the DJ booth and they couldn't see me.
They thought Jimmy Gallo and Paul were all alone. And when Jimmy cut them off and said no more shots they figured they could beat his ass. But Richy and Timmy were at the bar and they were both South Side Golden Globes guys. When the first frat guy swung at Jimmy Richy knocked him cold We all started fighting then. There were six frat guys but we started beating them toward the door.
Richy was punching and breathing hard through  his teeth like a bull. We got the frat guys into the door way and then we started kicking them and then they all fell down the stairs. Richy and Timmy knocked three of them cold in the snow and they laid there until the cops came.
Jimmy had us pull down the curtain and when the cops came in we acted like nothing was up.
So you don't know nothing he said to Jimmy.
Jimmy had put back in his false tooth that one of the frat guys knocked out.
No sir. I don't know what those guys are talking about.
They say you guys beat the hell of them for no reason.
Nope. Not us.
The cop looked at us. Richy and Timmy were sitting at the bar and I was back behind the DJ booth.
Yeah. Sure. He said.
But he left and the frat guys all eventually went home. There was a lot of blood in the snow.
Jimmy laughed.
I really loved that he said.
That was a long time ago when Rush Street was Rush Street.

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