Saturday, April 20, 2013


Ron and I were adjuncts.
There was one spot for tenure and after the announcement we were in the faculty lounge talking shit.
Larry is an asshole. He's never going to give it to me I said.
Yeah...he won't give it to me either Ron replied.
I really hated the chairman. The dude just wouldn't give me any fiction classes. All Lit classes
Well...I should tell him what I think of him I said.
Yeah....I might too Ron said.
Maybe we should both just quit on the same day. That would show him.
Ron  nodded. He had just published a novel and had some of the fiction classes.
Yeah. I'm tired of working for hotdog money he said.
Yeah fuck him. I say lets go over to Loyola man. At least we get some respect.
I might just do that Ron said.
The guy is a prick.
Ron can I see you a minute Larry said opening the door.
Sure Ron said putting down his head and walking out.
I stayed there open mouthed.
I ran into Ron ten years later in a bar. Full bump. Tenure. He had a beard and patches on his sleeves.
I was working at a realty office.

Rocket Man...The American Dream upside down

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