Friday, March 29, 2013

Toilet Sex

Derek you didn't give me a New Years kiss yet.
He stood up from the ice machine in the motel hallway. Julie's New Year hat was crooked, her blue eyes gleaming.
Where's Melissa and Joe?
Passed out in the room she said moving closer.
And then she kissed him and tongued him. They came apart at the sound down the hall.
Where do you want to go she whispered pushing up against Derek.
My car he answered.
They ran into the motel parking lot and found his car locked. They ran back through the snow into the lobby. Derek saw the MENs room and grabbed Julies hand.
Where are we going?
Into a stall he called back pulling her into a stall after making sure the MENs room was empty.
Julie whipped down her sweats and sat on the toilet. They started and the toilet water sounded like rain. When Derek came he hit the flush. They went back to the room and climbed into bed with their steadies. They had toilet sex three more times after that. Sometimes in the MENS room and sometimes in the LADIES room.
Years after Derek  moved to the suburbs he heard Julie had hung herself from a closet rod in Chicago.
Rocket Man...the American dream upside down

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