Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Last Elevator Operator

Jimmy was the last elevator operator.
All the others had been replaced by automated elevators. He was from the South Side and had done well for himself. He married Marie from the Jewelry Exchange on the twenty fifth floor. She was very Italian and a beauty. He ran the elevators of the building and wore a sport coat. He had come very far from his dad the cop.
His favorite thing was to override the elevator for people. He did it with a steel rod that inserted into the door and allowed him to keep the doors open. He did this for the Governor when he came to the building. The Jewelry building was on State Street in Chicago and known for the best diamonds. He also did it for Joan Lunden who was a television personality.
One day he opened the door for a woman on thirty fifth floor.
Are you going down man?
The very pretty woman shook her head.
No but thank you.
Jimmy pulled back the rod and nodded to the lady. He didn't hear the elevator release and stepped into the shaft and fell thirty five floors down to the bottom. The paramedics had to go down into the shaft to get his scattered body.
They automated all the elevators after that.

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