Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Bakery

Pete got a hernia from lifting the route books and so they hired me.
What tha fuck you doing with all them books jack?
Alonzo shook his head.
You aint going to do anything with all those books. You need a job jack.
And then he went out with the rest of the Italians. The loaves went around the bakery all night and fell off with a plop plop sound. The whole place smelled like a warm kitchen. But I was too busy with the night orders. Then Big John came in with Tony.
What in the hell. You still reading. You never going to work are you?
Then they went out and yelled and cussed and came back with more flour on their cheeks. They smoked like crazy and argued in Italian and then went back out. The bread orders died down and then Big John came in with the new guy who put his head down on the shipping table.
You drunk again you stupid motha fucka. I get you a job and you repay me by getting drunk.
The new guy kept his head down on the table. Big John shook his head.
I don't care that you are my brother in law. You make me look bad.
The new guy kept his head down.
Even when Mr. Gonnali the owner came in and fired him.
The new guy just kept sleeping on the table. I finished up my shift and put my books in my backpack and road home with hot bread in my jacket. My wife and I had the hot bread before she went to her job while I wrote all day.

Rocket Man...the American Dream upside down

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